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The Where Now? Internet portal provides information on four main subject areas:

Finding Yourself - is aimed at putting you in touch with people and organisations who can help you decide what you want to do in life, or help you face personal problems and setbacks to get you through difficult times. You may be facing redundancy, bereavement or some other situation that has caused your life to take a complete change. This section will help you understand your rights, deal with your problems and build yourself a better future.

Training and Education - offers a wide variety of different training and education courses available. These range from formal taught classes and qualifications to work-based learning and on-line training. This section will help you find a range of options to suit your needs.

Getting the Right Job - can be both difficult and stressful. However, help is at hand and this section will help you identify what you have to offer, what employers are looking for, what opportunities are available and what you need to do to get that job! There is also advice available for those returning to work or facing redundancy.

Be Your Own Boss - Do you look at your current job and think 'I could be doing this for myself'? Do you have motivation and drive? Have you got hidden talents or skills and experience that could be developed into a business idea? Have you got what it takes to start your own business? This section will help you assess what you have to offer and find out what is involved to be your own boss.

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