Step 2 | Plan Your Route

The majority of us have expressed a desire to be our own boss one day. The promise of independence, autonomy and financial gain are powerful motivators.

The popular belief, however, is that you need to have a vast amount of cash and work experience to start your own business. In reality, Shell LiveWIRE gives FREE help to thousands of young people each year who have varying amounts of knowledge and experience but wish to consider starting their own business - some have launched their business with as little as £1,000.

The decision to start out on your own is not an easy one - you'll need to be motivated, determined and believe wholeheartedly in yourself and your business idea.

If you'd like more information on starting a business Shell LiveWIRE is here to help.

As the trend towards managing your own career becomes essential, alternatives to traditional employment become more attractive. An analysis of career patterns of graduates has shown rising levels of self-employment over time. This suggests that self-employment is becoming an important career destination for these graduates. People are turning their backs on conventional careers and starting their own businesses because the financial rewards are likely to be greater.

They're motivated partly by frustration at low-grade jobs many people are offered, and they see going into business on their own as the best way to obtain financial reward for the skills they''ve acquired. Self-employment also offers independence and flexibility within a career. Increasing awareness from the government towards enterprise is also making it easier for individuals to enter this market. They have introduced tax cuts to encourage growth and have also invested in SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

Entrepreneurship and innovation are central to the economy in promoting growth, increasing productivity and creating jobs. Entrepreneurs sense opportunities and take risks in the face of uncertainty. This will continue to open new markets, design products and develop innovative processes, which are all essential to the economy.