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The advantages of starting a business

The advantages of self-employment

Being your own boss is tough, no doubt about that. So, if it's so difficult, why do it? Like anything else, the harder it is to do something, the more satisfying it is to get it done. Recent surveys have shown the following as some of the rewards:

  • Independence. To be your own boss, in charge of your own future, is very rewarding. It will also impress many people you meet.
  • Job satisfaction. To deliver a quality service to your customer is very satisfying - and you can do it your way. You're usually doing something you really care about, and you will be meeting others with a similar interest.
  • Achievement and success. If you make it work well, you will have achieved something worthwhile in life. You could end up making good money too.
  • Personal development. The opportunities to grow and develop as a person are tremendous. Young entrepreneurs are often offered well-paid jobs as managers - jobs that they frequently turn down!