Step 1 | Finding Yourself

Personal Profile Example

Joe Bloggs


Area of Study / Specialism:
International Business Studies & Marketing

Ideal Career:

Personal Strengths:
Active, Enthusiastic, Adventurous, Business-like, Efficient, Capable, Competent, Organised, Polite, Reliable

Personal Statement:
I am an outgoing, active and adventurous individual. I am organised, enthusiastic and capable and can be relied upon to be an efficient and effective worker.


Transferrable skills:


  Personal Example:
Writing skills I am able to write effectively and am particularly skilled in creative writing. As I gain experience in work placement and business simulation exercises my business writing skills are improving further.
Listening Listening is a vital communication skill. I have found that by actively listening I have become more approachable and am able to empathise with people.

Information Gathering

  Personal Example:
Conducting research I undertook a project to research how people were planning to celebrate the millennium, involving primary research with the general public and also some desk research on what travel companies were offering. As well as providing some interesting statistics, it vastly improved my research skills.
Compile findings in appropriate report format To interpret research findings and collate these into an appropriate report, I needed to take into account the audience for the report and ensure that I presented key highlights of the research effectively. I always find that using tables, charts and diagrams ensure that the key report findings stand out and are easier to understand.

Information Technology

  Personal Example:
Email/Internet The internet is an excellent starting point for researching a project, providing contacts, articles and useful information. I mainly use e-mail to communicate with friends at other universities, but can see that it is an excellent way for businesses to communicate – particularly internationally.
Databases Within the IT part of my degree I developed skills in producing databases and building reports within them to analyse data. The purpose of one database was to store a mailing list to send out set quantities of information to the correct company on the correct date.


  Personal Example:
Meeting deadlines A deadline enables you to plan a project and have a start and end point. When working in a team it can be crucial to the team's overall performance to complete individual tasks on schedule also.
Setting & achieving targets I always strive to achieve more in life, even climbing and martial arts. A project or assignment becomes more achievable if you set yourself realistic targets.

Personal Values:

  Explain why is this important to you
Career Advancement This will allow me to measure how effectively I am working and the value others put on my work. It is important for my own self-esteem.
Financial Reward Whilst some may say “money does not bring you happiness” it is important to know that I have financial security and to be able to treat myself occasionally.
Respect I feel that having respect in working relationships is a crucial part of effective teamwork. Acknowledging others skills and strengths may be different from our own should ensure that effective working relationships are established. Developing self-respect is also important.