Step 1 | Finding Yourself

Personal Profile Example

Katy Lawson


Area of Study / Specialism:
Fashion Design

Ideal Career:
Fashion Designer

Personal Strengths:
Artistic, businesslike, conscientious, creative, dependable, enterprising, imaginative, meticulous, versatile, organised

Personal Statement:
A creative, enterprising and versatile individual who combines imaginative and artistic abilities with an organised and business like approach. I am meticulous and conscientious to ensure that I maintain a high standard of work at all times.


Transferrable skills:


  Personal Example:
Imaginative During my fashion degree, I have been able to use my imagination to full effect to design innovative clothing ranges, which had wide appeal at my degree show.
Generate New Ideas When given a project brief I have the ability to rapidly develop new ideas. I am also able to identify creative solutions to problems.

Self management

  Personal Example:
Motivated I find it easy to maintain a high level motivation throughout a design project and gain a great deal of satisfaction from successfully completing a project to meet a deadline.
Willing to learn I am always keen to learn further skills and have taken additional courses to improve my computer skills. In addition, it is essential in fashion design to research trends and design techniques.


  Personal Example:
Perceptive Whilst on my work placement I found that I was able to satisfy customers effectively by being perceptive to their requirements.
Determines I aim to take an enterprising approach to all aspects of my life and find that my determination and commitment helps me to be as successful as I can.

People Skills

  Personal Example:
Leadership During my degree, I was asked to lead a group on a project to design new corporate wear for a local company. I was able to develop skills in communication, planning, co-ordination, organisation and delegation in order to achieve our objectives effectively.
Team Work I enjoyed working in a team during my degree, where individuals bring differing skills, strengths and working styles. As a result, we were able to achieve far more than would have been possible individually.

Personal Values:

  Explain why is this important to you
Creativity It is essential for me to utilise my creative abilities in my future career. I achieve the greatest satisfaction from using my artistic talent and flair and would like to put this to full effect by working in fashion design.
Enterprise Maintaining an enterprising approach to my work, career development and my life in general, will ensure that I am able to give myself a competitive edge. I hope that my creative skills will help me to gain a design position after I graduate. When I have sufficient experience, my ambition is to use my talents to full effect and start my own design company.
Independence It is important that I am able to maintain a degree of independence in my work. Whilst this may not be possible in the first few years, I hope that once I have established myself, I am rewarded with a level of responsibility and autonomy.